We need Food intake to generate Energy for our daily life-style. Hence, an EDIBLE food is a non-compromise word for our healthy life-style !

All food has expiry whether they are prepared freshly, packed or store at certain condition with or without any preservatives or pre-treatment.

As a consumer or industry player within Malaysia or even in global, we must be knowledgeable and responsible to know the Food products are safe to be consumed within the Expiry Date and in our own country; in accordance to our Malaysia Food Act and Food Regulations.

Our lab with the advance technology and methodology can ascertain the food expiry date, and also the Traditional herb preparation stability study to ensure they are SAFE TO BE CONSUMED !

Meanwhile, MYTEST LAB is an ISO 17025 Accredited Lab and Registered with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) and readied to assist you to check your Food and Food product that you are concern about ! Check out more in our website www.mytest.com.my today.

CONTACT US AT 03-8948-9822 OR EMAIL AT enquiry@mytest.com.my for more details.

(Posted on 22nd May 2017)

FOOD EXPIRY DATE is important as its Quality !!

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