Recently a news from our neighboring country that an elderly dead after consuming type of seafood. this kind of incident shouldn’t be taken lightly in our community or someone close to us.

Some of us are known or unknown that some food containing certain ingredient such as PEANUT, MILK, GLUTAN, SOY, EGG, SESAME and even SEAFOOD itself, that our body is sensitive with and can lead to a disastrous effect if we consumed it.

To avoid unnecessary incident is to know ourselves and the food we consume. Hence a lab testing to highlight the food ingredient of all food and beverages are equally important as its quality.

MYTEST LAB SDN BHD is an ISO17025 Accredited Laboratory and readied to assist you to test and verify your product for ALLERGEN from raw material to end products for the food safety to your consumers.

To know more, feel free to CONTACT US AT 03-8948-9822 OR EMAIL AT for more details.

~Posted on 07th September 2017~
Allergen can kill!

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