Nutrition labels describe the nutrient content of a food and are intended to guide the consumer in food selection. Which means the nutrition facts label tells you what’s in the food you’re eating.
It helps you determine if you have a healthy, balanced diet.

New Malaysia nutrition facts label requirements will be effective by 2022

Did you know that the government has made amendments to the nutrition facts label requirements for sodium and
sugar content in the Food Regulations 1985?

The new Malaysia nutrition facts label requirements will be effective in July 2022. Therefore, food product
manufacturers should be aware of these changes and implement them in their food products packaging from now.

For your information, the regulation affected by these changes is Regulation 18B of Malaysia Food Regulations 1985.
So, we will break down the changes to you as simply as possible so that everyone can easily understand them.

The new Malaysia nutrition facts label will make it mandatory to label sodium content on food packaging.

The reason is to encourage the public to reduce salt intake. Furthermore, this new strategy will also encourage the
public to make a healthier choice by being more informed of the sodium content in their food.

The new regulation added is as below;
“(c) the amount of sodium expressed in milligrams per 100 g or per 100 ml or per package if the package contains
only a single portion and per serving as stated on the label.”;

Additionally, there has also been a minor change to the sugar content labelling requirement.

Before the new amendment, sugar content (monosaccharide and disaccharide) must be declared for ready-to-drink
beverages either naturally occurring or added.

However, the new change makes it mandatory for total sugars to be labelled on every food product that requires
for nutrition facts label.

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What is Nutrition Labelling?

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