Food contaminants are any harmful substances unintentionally added to food, which may be chemicals from natural sources, environmental pollution, or formed during food processing.

The impact of chemical contaminants on consumer health and well-being is often apparent only after many years of processing. Pro longed exposure at low levels (e.g., cancer). Chemical contaminants present in foods are often unaffected by thermal processing (unlike most microbiological agents). Chemical contaminants can be classified according to the source of contamination and the mechanism by which they enter the food product.

To maintain high quality of food and comply with health, safety and environmental regulatory standards it is best to rely on food contaminant testing through an independent third party such as MyTEST Lab.

For manufacturers the testing for food contaminants can minimize the risk of noncompliance in relation to raw ingredients, semi-manufactured foods and final products. Also, food contaminant testing assures consumers safety and quality of purchased food products and can prevent foodborne diseases, and chemical, microbiological, or physical food hazard.

Contact us for contaminant analysis and advice on:

– Pesticide Residues

– Veterinary Drug Residues (Tetracycline, Chlortetracycline, Oxytetracycline, Beta-Agonists)

– Antibiotics (Chloramphenicol, Nitrofurans)

– 3-MCPD

– Melamine

– Malachite green