Recently Malaysia Ministry of Health (MOH) has found that one of the bottled drinking water manufactured locally which exporting to our neighbouring country was found to be presence of ‘Pseudomonas’ ! A kind of bacteria found in animal waste, soil and waste water…that form a layer of “biofilm” which can also harboured others bacteria within !

Symptoms of Pseudomonas infections include Headache, Red eyes, ear and face itching, rashes with pus, Diarrhea. More severe can caused Pneumonia and congestion and even urinary tract infection.

This has raised a concern by not just recalling the products itself by the manufacturer but is also consumer to understand that the products purchased are strictly follow the guideline requirement by Food Safety regulation for authority they need to be further strengthen the industry inspection to avoid unnecessary cross-contamination.

We, at MYTEST LAB, an ISO 17025 Accredited Lab and Registered with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (MOH) with years of food testing experience together with the latest technology and methodology can assist you in  ascertain the food safety to ensure your foods are SAFE TO BE CONSUMED !

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